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consultation ​

When you decide to employ a garden designer, sometimes all you require is a design consultation. During such a visit Andrew will talk through your requirements and discuss design options.

‘A consultation is a great way to start the process even if you decide not to progress with a full design.  There is lots of advice which can be given verbally to improve your space’

After a walk around the garden he will be able to guide you with what needs changing and give you some ideas about how to go about it. It may be that after this visit you have enough advice from Andrew to allow you to continue putting it into practice yourself.

A consultation is always used to take the required information needed to produce a master plan. If this is the case then the fee for this visit is offset from your master plan cost.   ​


Whether it is simply a planting plan or a full master plan, Andrew is able to provide you with a fully bespoke service. It could be that you need to redesign a planting boarder, extend an existing garden or perhaps you have moved into a new property and would like to make it your own.

​‘I like to start each design as if it is my first, looking at the house and its interiors, the local vernacular and most importainily the conversation with you the client’.

Andrews 30 years of experience in design will make the process less demanding on you as the client. The first step is to take the brief to ensure the design is correct for your needs, then carry out a full site analysis to define the local style of the garden and house, this analysis will drive the choice of planting and materials. With this information a master plan of your garden can be created. ​

‘We are honest and open about our fee structure ensuring that you are fully aware of all costs, the services required and invoice timings.  Fees are charged per visit and or drawing so that you can manage your expectations’.​​


lectures and tours​​​

Andrew has been lecturing on garden design for 20 years and is Managing Director of The Inchbald School of Design in London. During this time he has lectured in Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Japan and Russia specialising in inspiring students to try different ways to design, overcoming designers block and relating the garden to its vernacular. These lectures and workshops can be in person or presented virtually.  

​‘Garden tours can be tailored to your requirements, I love taking groups of students around the parks and gardens of Paris, the modern landscapes of Barcelona or the many differing public spaces of central London.’

Andrew Duff Garden Design Ltd


Phone: 07 50 50 70 226

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